Monday, July 15, 2013

[15 Days Challenge] Day 8: What Appeals You On Blogs?

Oh man this weekend was so busy! I was out of town so didn't have a chance to post any of the challenges but I'm going to catch up with everyone. I missed seeing everyone's answers and will be catching up on comments and other posts as I go along. It's good to be back! Woohoo!! Can't wait to read all of your bullet points and get some feedback! & you can always see the rules and join in the fun over HERE!!! <3

DAY 8: 15 bullet points that appeal to you on blogs.

  • Beautiful layout - With so many free templates out there I know how easy it is to make sure that your blog is presentable even if you don't have a lot of creativity. Blogs that are more appealing to the eye will always get more attention. 
  • Personality - I love when I read someone's post and I can see who they really are through them. It's kind of like meeting that person without actually meeting them.
  • GIFs - This was something that Goodreads made me addicted to. I love love love GIFs! Makes the review hilarious and actually expresses your thoughts better.
  • Same rating - When I see someone rate a book the same as I did makes them an automatic best friend!
  • Beautiful book covers - I know I'm such a sucker for design!! But I can't help it. If you review with beautiful cover, there is more chance I'm going to read it. 
  • Search Bar - I like when people put them in easy-to-view spot because there's always some things I look for (like giveaways *wink*)
  • Your Favorite Books - There's always a time when I'm in between books and can't decide what I should read (even with hundreds of books on my TBR list). I like going through blogs and seeing recommendations for my next book. 
  • Audiobooks - This is my new habit and I'm getting obsessed  With audiobooks not only the book has to be good but the narrator has to be perfect as well. I usually go through blogs to see what their favorites are.  
  • Awesome Name!! - Yes, I will read your blog just because your name is awesome. Period. I bow down to your genius mind!!
  • Easy Media Buttons - If I read a blog and want to follow them, I hate looking around for 10 minutes just so I can follow them. Good thing that bloglovin' button is premade so I can see it pretty easy on most of them.   
  • CAPTCHA - please please please remove it!!! Most of the time when I'm in the rush (or on computer at work & hiding), I don't have time to put CAPTCHA in and don't submit my comment. Bloggers - this is so much easier for everyone to not have to submit that!
  • Passion - I love people who are as passionate for books as I am and they show it. 
  • Being consistent - I know that everyone gets busy but if you commit yourself to the blog, please post on it. It's so easy to schedule couple of posts ahead without having to log in every day! I think I have about 15 posts scheduled right now and loving it.
  • Rating Scale - It's so fun to always see these. I know that I still need to figure mine out but these are always awesome. People are so creative!! 
  • Easy To Read- Font, post setup, grammar - the better the visual, the better the post will turn out! And of course, there's always the actual writing involved hehe

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  1. Its awkward for me when I read a review and the person had the exact opposite opinion of whether the book was good or bad.

    I'm a huge fan of bloglovin now. Its so easy for me to find and then remember to check later.

    When I was first starting out I didn't understand the point of a search bar. And then I wanted to look for something on my own blog and I found it really useful. I can't say that I've used it more than a handful of times on other blogs but the only times I really want to search for something, its always missing.

  2. Great list. I love how most posts include something about the layout and look of the blog :) Guess we're all very visual.
    Where do you awesome GIF people find your images? I'm seeing them everywhere on posts now and I think we should start including some.

  3. I hate CAPTCHA too. So annoying.

    And GIFs are the best. I've recently started experimenting with them, and it's a lot of fun.

    And I'm always happy to see that someone loved a book as much as me. It's like finding out you both have the same friends.

  4. Great points! I am really behind with respect to using GIFs, I like them but can't really use them in my reviews at all.
    I see so many people are mentioning audio books. Everybody seems to love them, so maybe it is time for me to try them as well,
    Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. Will have to check out Blog Lovin'. I have seen it but haven't investigated.

    I have a love/hate relationship with audio books. On trips they are great, but when I start one and it is a week to get back to it, I lose any idea of what I listened too. I am more likely to remember written print over audio. But I use both mediums to get to books I want to read.

  6. Those are some really great points! I'd keep those in mind...

    Oh & thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! I haven't seen many character interviews but the ones that I have read were amazing and so much fun to read!

    ~ Hira @ Views & Reviews

  7. I agree with all of your points! I didn't think of the great name one, though. It's true! I usually follow people who have great or creative blog names! :) And GIFs are hilarious. I should do more with GIFs.

  8. I agree with almost everything you've said. It's so hard for me to believe that ANYONE still uses Captcha, but I see blogs with 2000+ follows that still have it turned on. REALLY? Blows my mind. Also I agree on the instant friend for those who rated a book the same as I do. I would totally use gifs more, but I never know how to find who created them to give them credit. And I have NO idea how to create one myself. Great list!

    Thanks for stopping by earlier!
    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  9. Yes! I love a beautiful layout! It took a LONG TIME to get my blog to where it's at now and I think I'm finally really happy with it. I think really taking the time to personalize your layout can really make your blog standout.

    Same with the name thing -- I love a unique name and especially when a blogger uses that name for EVERYTHING. Really helps get the name out there!

  10. I had a few similar things on my post like search boxes and pretty layouts. I've gotten addicted to GIFs too though I'm still trying to figure out how I want to use them in my blog. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I completely agree with your point about a good blog name! That can truly make or break a blog. I saw other bloggers' lists include how much they love blogs that use bloglovin' sooooooooo, I created an account today!

    Thanks for checking out my post today! I followed you on bloglovin' (so easy and convenient)!

  12. Ellie I really like your list. I'm yet to get into the whole audiobook thing but I'm trying to get into it at the moment. I wasn't a huge ebook reader fan but I just started loving that recently so hopefully I'll get into audiobooks soon. I'm trying to listen to Everneath by Brodi Ashton but I've tried and started the first chapter for ages and whilst I do know what's happening I keep repeating it because I tend to listen to it when I'm doing something eg. blogging.

  13. Ouch! The Gif's are a killer for me. I don't mind one or two, but when a post is full of them? I have to look at Gif, stop, read, look at Gif, stop, read... I can only do that twice :-)

    I also visit blogs because I like their look. Is it so hard to choose a clean theme? I like yours :-)

  14. I agree with a lot of these too! I hate CAPTCHA! I also love book covers and beautiful designs. GIFs are fun but I never use them because I am not that creative :-)

  15. It's funny how so many people who answered this question considered a search bar important. I never use them and if I were to design my own layout, rather than using one I found online, I wouldn't think to include it. That's why these challenges are helpful, besides being fun. If I ever do my own layout, I'll know to include one.

  16. Yep, I agree that all these are really important! And I see that you managed to capture them in your blog perfectly ;) For example, your design layout is simple, yet pleasing and easy on the eye, your posts contain your personality, and you're a really passionate blogger, as can be seen from your enthusiastic and consistent content! :D
    Well done Ellie :)

    Thanks for stopping by FlutterealFlight