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[Book Review] No Way Back by Chloe Adams

No Way Back (Mia's Way #1)No Way Back
Chloe Adams
Sometimes bad things happen to beautiful people.

The wealthy daughter of a high-ranking politician, seventeen year old Mia Abbott-Renou has everything: designer clothes, wealth, spring breaks in Monte Carlo. She lives blissfully unaware of her family’s secrets, until the night she is raped by the son of her father’s greatest political ally.

Her father forbids her from going to the police and threatens to throw her out if she does. It’s a critical election year, one that his party might lose, if the public sours on his doting father image when they realize his daughter is an underage lush and party girl. He can’t risk splintering the party in a nasty court battle that’s certain to draw way too much press, even if that means sacrificing his daughter.

Mia’s world is shattered twice, once by the men who hurt her, and once by the betrayal of her family. She does what her father says. But the rapists strike again and beat their next victim near death.

With the help of her best friend and a couple of unlikely allies, Mia must decide: does she risk losing everything to do what’s right? Or does she turn her back on the truth and preserve the family name?

What’s privileged girl to do, when her perfect little world isn't so perfect anymore?

No Way Back is an emotional book about rape and its aftermath. This book may disturb young readers and is not intended for those who are light hearted. 

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Mia Abbott-Renou has never been close with her family because of her father’s high political status. He always wanted his children to be an asset to his reelections. Mia knew that she wasn’t cut out for that world and couldn’t wait until she turned eighteen so that she could go out to the world on her own. But she still wanted her Daddy’s attention and getting in trouble was one way. 

Going to a party with fake ID was risky but she wanted to be and feel beautiful. Robert Connor, one of her Daddy’s allies’ son, was the only one she knew at the party and she finally felt hot by the way he looked at her. But by the time he introduced her to his friend Madison, she was completely drunk and disregarded the chalky pill that she tasted in her drink that Robert brought. After that it all went foggy and what she saw next felt only like a dream… 
I have glimpses of my world between dark pauses. I don’t know how, but my dress is gone and so is my bra. I’m dancing among fireflies while two still gnomes sit on the edge of a founfain with a dancing fish.
After the haze is gone, Mia remembers. She remembers the way she felt when she was getting raped, how they were beating her and how something metal slammed against her head. Everyone is telling her that she is lucky to survive. But she cannot stand the memories and they haunt her in her dreams. 

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At least she still has Daddy. But he doesn’t visit her in the hospital and all of the sudden she is the person who is helping him win the reelection. Is he using her to get more votes or he really cares? Mia has to figure out who is on her side and who is not. 

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Thoughts. My hands are shaking while I am writing this review. Looking back at the rape scene and reading it over to find good quotes is really hard for me because it makes me feel like I’m going through all that pain and not Mia. This book was just amazing. All of the characters were pronounced and it’s interesting to see how Mia stands up to her father even when she’s scared that he will disown her. I feel really bad for her and from the beginning I had hard time reading it because it was so sad and my heart was breaking for her. Go get this book NOW. I am definitely continuing with this series to see how the trial goes and what is going to happen to her family after she turns eighteen. 

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