Monday, July 8, 2013

[15 Day Challenge] Day 1: 15 Bookish Confessions.

 I receive a lot of emails ever day by the people that I follow with email and came across this 15 Day Challenge that looked very interesting. It was originally made by Good Books, Good Wines and you can see rules HERE. I just came back from vacation and though that this is just what I need to get my head back into the blogging world and see if I can challenge myself enough to continue with this. Hopefully everyone out there will supportive enough so I can make it. One.. Two.. Three.. GO!

Day 1: Make 15 book-related confessions.

1. I read ALOT. I always have couple of books and devices that I use for reading and as long as it's different, I can stayed focused on the book without a problem. I have audiobooks, paperback, Kindle and phone. 

2. I always fall in love with the bad guy. Call me crazy but if he's the jerk, I love him. 

3. I don't know what it is about different fonts but my inside-narrator voice always changes when I read in Italian or Bold font. Is that weird or what?

4. I'm very defensive about my books. Yes, I am one of those. If we don't like the same books, I don't think we can be friends.

5. I JUDGE the book by it's cover. Something about good design makes me want to read the book no matter what. I tend not to read books that have terrible covers. 

6. I read everywhere. Traffic, lunch, dinner, work, during TV shows... Ugh I think I might have a problem :(

7. If the book was made into the movie, I like to critic it. ALOT. And also want to make sure that everyone knows that I read the book first :P

8. Sometimes I get depressed because I know that I will not read all of the books that are on my To-Read Goodreads shelf. Life is not fair!

9. If my favorite character in the book gets hurt, I get grumpy and don't talk to people. I'm going through something and they just could never understand the pain!

10. I have to relate to the character. If the girl/guy is really annoying or too boring, I probably won't like the book to begin with. 

11. When I first started blogging, I had no idea what ARCs were and how cool people were that I actually got them. 

12. I have to re-read the first page of every book that I start. For some reason I feel like I'm mentally preparing myself for what's going to happen. 

13. I check out 5-6 library books at the same time and will not return them all until I finish reading them. With my Kindle and those books, I have some fines that still needs to be paid. GUILTY!

14. When I lived in Russia, I finished every single book in Fiction section in my local library. People thought I was a psycho lol


Wow. That was way harder than I thought it would be. I'm pretty sure that I just rambled on lol But I'm excited to see what everyone's confessions are and super excited for Day Two!! -Ellie, xoxo

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