Tuesday, July 9, 2013

[15 Days Challenge] Day 2: Bedtime Reading Ritual.

Day 2!!! Ahhh I couldn't wait for today, it's such an interesting question. For those who are new, this challenge was created by Good Books, Good Wines and you can see rules HERE. I'm so excited to read everyone's posts, yesterday was so much fun! I honestly couldn't believe how many people I had in common with! It's like I finally know that I'm not the only one that's weird with my books! I think I may love all of you my beautiful book dolls! 

DAY 2: what's your bedtime reading ritual? 

Oh man... I am the WORST at going to sleep! I always get really tired during the day but then when the night comes around, I always forget to go to sleep. Just totally forget! And you know why? Hmm how about one guess? Yup, I read. 

I read when I watch TV, get ready for bed, and yes, I read in bed. Sometimes I just get lost in the book that I only notice the time after it's been couple of hours. Recently I limited myself to only 2 chapters to read in bed but it's just sooooo comfy!! 

What about you? Leave your links in comments so I can check out your reading ritual!

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