Monday, July 15, 2013

[15 Days Challenge] Day 8: What Appeals You On Blogs?

Oh man this weekend was so busy! I was out of town so didn't have a chance to post any of the challenges but I'm going to catch up with everyone. I missed seeing everyone's answers and will be catching up on comments and other posts as I go along. It's good to be back! Woohoo!! Can't wait to read all of your bullet points and get some feedback! & you can always see the rules and join in the fun over HERE!!! <3

DAY 8: 15 bullet points that appeal to you on blogs.

  • Beautiful layout - With so many free templates out there I know how easy it is to make sure that your blog is presentable even if you don't have a lot of creativity. Blogs that are more appealing to the eye will always get more attention. 
  • Personality - I love when I read someone's post and I can see who they really are through them. It's kind of like meeting that person without actually meeting them.
  • GIFs - This was something that Goodreads made me addicted to. I love love love GIFs! Makes the review hilarious and actually expresses your thoughts better.
  • Same rating - When I see someone rate a book the same as I did makes them an automatic best friend!
  • Beautiful book covers - I know I'm such a sucker for design!! But I can't help it. If you review with beautiful cover, there is more chance I'm going to read it. 
  • Search Bar - I like when people put them in easy-to-view spot because there's always some things I look for (like giveaways *wink*)
  • Your Favorite Books - There's always a time when I'm in between books and can't decide what I should read (even with hundreds of books on my TBR list). I like going through blogs and seeing recommendations for my next book. 
  • Audiobooks - This is my new habit and I'm getting obsessed  With audiobooks not only the book has to be good but the narrator has to be perfect as well. I usually go through blogs to see what their favorites are.  
  • Awesome Name!! - Yes, I will read your blog just because your name is awesome. Period. I bow down to your genius mind!!
  • Easy Media Buttons - If I read a blog and want to follow them, I hate looking around for 10 minutes just so I can follow them. Good thing that bloglovin' button is premade so I can see it pretty easy on most of them.   
  • CAPTCHA - please please please remove it!!! Most of the time when I'm in the rush (or on computer at work & hiding), I don't have time to put CAPTCHA in and don't submit my comment. Bloggers - this is so much easier for everyone to not have to submit that!
  • Passion - I love people who are as passionate for books as I am and they show it. 
  • Being consistent - I know that everyone gets busy but if you commit yourself to the blog, please post on it. It's so easy to schedule couple of posts ahead without having to log in every day! I think I have about 15 posts scheduled right now and loving it.
  • Rating Scale - It's so fun to always see these. I know that I still need to figure mine out but these are always awesome. People are so creative!! 
  • Easy To Read- Font, post setup, grammar - the better the visual, the better the post will turn out! And of course, there's always the actual writing involved hehe

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