Wednesday, July 10, 2013

[Book Review] Lie To Me by Suzanne Brahm

Lie to MeLie To Me
Suzanne Brahm
16 year old Cassie Safire is a very good girl who does some very bad things. Dumped by her boyfriend and betrayed by her best friend, Cassie discovers her mom has a very big secret, and suddenly no amount of niceness can make Cassie’s world right again.

To escape, Cassie takes on a summer job restoring a sailboat with RD, a mysterious college guy living at the marina. Rejected and grief-stricken, Cassie finds herself drawing closer to RD. When their relationship becomes romantic, RD tells Cassie they can only be together in secret.

But on an island this small, secrets rarely stay hidden.

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Safire has always been known as a “nice” girl. Always helping people and trying to make everyone feel better, she never says “no” and tries to make sure everyone is happy. But when her boyfriend Nick breaks up with her, she’s tired of being treated “nice”. When Cassie finally decides to throw Nick’s ring away, that he got for her as a present, she meets RD, a mysterious 23-year old man who makes her feel strong, beautiful and reckless. While with being with RD forces her to lie to everyone around her. She cannot have anyone on the island find out about her summer fling. But she is not the only one who is lying and everyone eventually always gets caught. 
”Standing in darkness

An unexpected light
Impossible but true
You make the stars shine brighter
Sweet beautiful girl…
I’ll stand beside you and look,
Just look and remember
A secret kiss…”
Oh how I wanted to love this book. It had an amazing potential to be something greater but after reading the book, it was very slow. Cassie really annoyed me throughout the book and usually when I don’t like the MC, I probably won’t like the book. She was way too obsessed with RD and just really whiny about it. I understand that she's a teenager who's very insecure but I just thought that her character could have been presented better. Other than that, the ending was amazing. If that ending was not there, this review would have been 1 star instead of 3.5!

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