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[Book Tour - Review & Giveaway] Eleanor by Jason Gurley

Eleanor by Jason Gurley 
1985. The death of Eleanor’s twin sister tears her family apart. Her father blames her mother for the accident. When Eleanor’s mother looks at her, she sees only the daughter she lost. Their wounded family crumbles under the weight of their shared grief.
1993. Eleanor is fourteen years old when it happens for the first time… when she walks through an ordinary door at school and finds herself in another world. It happens again and again, but it’s only a curiosity until that day at the cliffs. The day when Eleanor dives… and something rips her out of time itself.
And on the other side, someone is waiting for her.

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Beautiful & haunting at the same time, Eleanor is a story that will make you turn the pages nonstop. Personal tragedy combined with fantasy and time travel aspect, this is definitely one of the books that I really enjoyed. 

1962. Eleanor is a mother but she is looking back in the past and wonders what her life would be like if she didn't get married and have a child so young. So when she is pregnant again, the idea of going swimming and not coming back is too tempting. Leaving her husband and daughter behind, she begins the swirl of evens that cause a lot of pain. 

1985. Car accident. Death. Very detailed description of what happened that is nothing like I have ever read before. 

1993. Eleanor is fourteen and trying to deal with her drunk mother who is still not letting go of the past. But at the same time, she is dealing with something paranormal and comes in contact with the "dream worlds" that seems unreal but leave great consequences. 

Written in multiple POVs, this is definitely an unsual novel. Reading the summary will only give you a glance at the beautiful story that's behind it. What really caught my eye is the writing, it's really amazing.

About the Author:
Gurley_Jason_3 Jason Gurley is the author of the bestselling novel Greatfall as well as The Man Who Ended the World, the Movement trilogy and Eleanor, a novel thirteen years in the making. His short stories, including The Dark Age, The Caretaker, The Last Rail-Rider and others, appear in his collection Deep Breath Hold Tight: Stories About the End of Everything. He is work has appeared in a number of anthologies, among them David Gatewood’s From the Indie Side and Synchronic and John Joseph Adams’s Help Fund My Robot Army!!! & Other Improbable Crowdfunding Projects. Jason is a designer by trade, and has designed book covers for Amazon Publishing, Subterranean Press, Prime Books and many independent authors, among them bestsellers Hugh Howey, Matthew Mather, Russell Blake, Michael Bunker, Ernie Lindsey and others. Jason lives and writes in the Pacific Northwest.

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