Sunday, March 24, 2013

[Repeat This Week] #2

A week's worth of blogging fun, recapped in this handy little space

This is was the second week of SLR! Getting past 200 followers mark and over 1,000 page views - Thank you so much for everyone that stopped by and commented! Even with this week because a finals week, I've been pretty busy but I can't stay away from the blog.



  • Teaser Tuesday - Talented. This one was hard to do without reveling anything from the book!
  • Waiting on Wednesday - COVETLooks like it's going to be a great hit and the cover is amazing! Expecting release on September 17th, 2013.
  • Feature & Follow -Q this week: What's your guilty pleasure? + Bloghop
  • Know Me Better - 5 questions to answer about yourself. + Bloghop

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