Saturday, March 30, 2013

[Reality Check]

Real life check-in Meme hosted by Spiced Latte Reads

Good afternoon all of my lovely bookies! I decided to create a new Meme called Reality Check to focus only on our personal life. I hope to do this every week to do a recap of what happened over the week. Anyone can do this meme as well and feel free to use the graphic.

Got a promotion & Preparing for Easter!
This week has been so busy for me! First of all, I finally got the promotion at work that I have been waiting for. I used to be a receptionist and now have officially work in Purchasing Department. No more phones, no more Customer Service phone calls. I can just sit in my cubicle and peacefully read my ebooks (woohooooo!) & they finally hired a replacement so I was training her this whole week. Now I can relax and get some Seattle sunshine that we rarely see.    And it's also Easter! This could not have been a better weather for it and I am so excited for tomorrow! Me and my mom were cooking some Kulich (Russian Easter sweet bread) and coloring eggs. So much fun! Anyone else was having some good sunshine and getting ready for Easter?  

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