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[Book Review] Second Chance Romance

Second Chance Romance - Tara Samson
At eighteen years of age Jade thought she had found the one man she would spend the rest of her life with, at least until one sunny afternoon she walked in on him and another woman and found them in a compromising position. 

Heart broken, Jade leaves her home town determined to make her own way. Five years later she gets the one call that beats them all, her father is gone. Forced to go back home and settle his affairs how will she handle seeing Austin once again? Can she protect her heart any better this go round or will she relive the same mistakes and lose it all again.

Overall Rating: 4.5 stars

SHORT SUMMARYAfter 5 years of running away from home and starting her new life, Jade receives a call from her old town that her father passed away and she has to return back to identify her body. The problem is that she have not spoken to her father in years and he has never met his grand-daughter, Libby. Jade has to swallow her pride and return to one place that she wants to be far away from and that reminds her so much of her heart-break when she witnessed the love of her life be on top of another woman. One thing that she doensn’t know is that Austin, who was the one who broke her heart, still crazy about her and wants her back. Austin, who is the hottest football couch that all woman drool over. After a tragic accidents that happens in the story (no spoilers!), Jade has a chance to start new and figure out who she wants to be with. A new look on things and emotions will help her to get the life that she deserves. 

THOUGHTSOh this book.. This is one book that made me cry! I was shocked by how many emotions it brought in me and let me tell you something: I'm NOT an emotional person. Not heartless but if I read a sad story, I would probably just have a poker face on. But this story really made me cry. There are so many different twists to the story that left me speechless that I could not stop reading it. It’s one of those books that just makes you yell at the pages that you’re reading. And since I read it during my work, you can imagine how crazy I looked, yelling at the computer screen lol I really recommend reading this book which you can find on Wattpad. It won Wattpad Awards 2012 and received many votes. I really think that it defiantly opened my eyes on the power of words and very glad I took the time to enjoy this story.

My Castings

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Jade. She's such a lovable character and reading about the things in life that she had to go through just makes her that much more appealing to the readers. After she ran away from home she was always struggling in between the jobs and when she got pregnant, she finally took charge of her life. She’s the beautiful and loving mother that just wants to be happy and wants to create the perfect life for herself and her 4 year old daughter, Libby.

Libby is the bubbly little girl who everyone loves. She is probably the most adorable character that I come to read and I love how the author expressed her love to Jade and new people that she met. Ohhhhh I just want to scream how much I come to adore her in the book! Her stories and little things that she did just made me smile. 

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Austin. Ever since high school he dreamed about being a football player but when he lost the love of his life, it seemed like everything started falling apart. He got injured in a game in college and was forced to quit football. Starting to couch a high school football team made him realized that sometimes not everything is about him and when he sees Jade, he knows that he has to get her back. 

Oliver. Sweet and caring, he falls in love with Jade and Jade’s little baby and wants to be a part of the family. After missing out on Jade in high school, he does not want to let her go this time and willing to do whatever it takes to win her heart this time. 

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