Monday, May 18, 2015

Harper Lee Is Famous Again? Or Might Be?

‘Go Set a Watchman’ isn’t expected to have the same staying power as the author’s Pulitzer Prize-winning ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’

WHO had to read this in high school?

I know I did! Or I think I tried to but then I decided to go hangout with some friends and then tried to make it look like I read the book lol Either way, Harper Lee wrote another book and everyone is FREAKING OUT about it! Seriously though, the author that created To Kill a Mockingbird (& is still alive) wrote another book. CAN YOU SAY THAT'S A MOMENT IN HISTORY??

Go Set A Watchman will be released on July 14th but already have everyone buzzing about it in the bookish world. Why wouldn't they be? The publicist is doing an awesome job on marketing this - from hundreds of parties to screening of the first book the night before the book actually comes out. Nobody is saying that the book might be as popular as the first one since it is a classic and is a must for school but everyone wants it to work. 

what are your thoughts? do you think go set a watchman will be as popular as the first one or will only have the overrated buzz among the readers?