Wednesday, June 11, 2014

[Book Review + #Giveaway] The Wasteland by Emily Sims


The Wasteland
The Wasteland 

In another world, one far removed in time and space altogether, a timeless journey awaits. The path is steep, the road is long, and it encompasses a wild evil. Here, in a place entirely different from our own, we discover the lost remains of a once vast empire and a love story long forgotten.

In The Wasteland, set against a barren landscape, we find a terrified woman named Lylah. She races along the overgrown highways of a war-torn country, pursued by a deadly enemy. Try as she might, Lylah remembers nothing about her past or who she is. Without quite meaning to, she stumbles upon a sinister forest and a small tribe of people. They have dark skin and hair. They speak in thick accents. Nothing about them is familiar, but at least they’re safe.

As she struggles to unlock the keys to her past, Lylah falls deeply in love with this primitive way of life…a way of life she’s never known before. The tribe’s leader is a fearless man they call “Matteo.” He is formidable and abrasive, but Lylah is inexplicably drawn to him.

In spite of uncertainty, one thing remains: an evil force governs this rugged land. The Opposition uses its power to oppress the tribes-people and they are quickly closing in on Lylah. Will she summon the courage to face her past in time? Somehow, Lylah’s memories hold secrets that could destroy the Opposition and break its tyrannical power.

The Wasteland was an incredible story with detailed world-building and a love connection that will leave you wanting more. We are introduced to a world where 4 different types of people like Royals, Guardians, Watchmen and Commoners.  The book goes briefly into every category but we don't really see the history behind the world or how the world became the way it is. 

Lylah has lost her memory and awoken in the place that looks like desert. The story is written as jumping out of past and the present but it's easy to follow and gives us more information about the main character and her background. Story did focus a lot on her love life and the connection that she made but it wasn't too overbearing and I still enjoyed it. 

Writing style was great! I really enjoyed reading this book and so glad that I participated in this awesome tour! I am looking forward to the second book in the series and really hope that we will see more history of the world and the systems that work there. 

Emily is a mother, writer, photographer, and home-schooler. She loves family, thrift shopping, chai lattes, good books, nature, and learning new things. She strives to find beauty and divinity in imperfect things…she searches for God in the earthy and the grit and the ordinary and the joyful stuff of life.
She lives in Texas with her husband and five children.
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