Thursday, June 5, 2014

Amazon is a Little Sh*! Starter

Ever since the nonsense between Amazon and Hachette, the book world got a little shaken up. Last week I shared my thoughts on the subject & what might come of it. Overall, Amazon decided NOT to let buyers pre-orders books because it requires to actually have the inventory. The messed up part was that only Hachette Book Group was affected. Well Amazon is at it again & decided to remind Department of Justice the pricing about ebook and print books. 

The department's latest move comes as is dominating sales of both print books online and e-books in large part through its discounting strategy. In the 2012 intitrust lawsuit, the Justice Department alleged that five publishing companies conspired with Apple Inc. to raise e-book prices in response to discounting by Amazon. - The Wall Street Journal
So 2 years later, Amazon decided to come back and question the prices of books that publishers decide. And this time the publishers that are affected are Hachette (big surprise), HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster <--- THE BIGGEST NAMES IN THE PUBLISHING WORLD! I just can't get over the fact that Amazon decided to even bring this up after everything was settled. They got their books discounted on the website for their own profit and bringing it up is like stirring a pile of sh*t that should have been flushed and forgotten about. 
Three publishers settled the lawsuit in April 2012 in part by agreeing to let Amazon discount their e-books, with a U.S. Disctrict Court judge handling down a final judgement that September. The agreements, for two years, expire later this year. - The Wall Street Journal
One of the things that Wall Street Journal also mentioned was that the dispute between Amazon vs. Hachette is still NOT settled! So readers still can't pre-order amazing books such as The SIlkworm by J.K. Rowling. & apparently other books will take 2 to 4 weeks to ship because of lack of inventory. 

So is it me or Amazon really is trying to start some sh*t in order to get some sort of publicity & reuin their reputation with publishers? Who knows who they would want to come after next. Looks like they already got some of the most popular publishers that we all love & adore. 

On the other note, the very loved John Green responded to the issue with Amazon and made a note about joining other authors to protest against Amazon:
What's ultimately at stake is whether Amazon is going to to be able to freely and permanently bully publishers into eventual nonexistence... The breath of American literature and the quality of American literature is in no small part due to the work that publishers do, and it's very unfortunate, in my opinion, to see Amazon refuse to acknowledge the importance of that partnership. - John Green
It's been confirmed that Amazon's spokeswoman declined to respond to this statement. Umm FINALLY they're doing something smart. Just stop talking and shut up before all the publishers drop Amazon and start looking for a new retailer who is not this stubborn. 

What are your thoughts on this?
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