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[Book Review + Giveaway] Below the Surface by Tim Shoemaker

Below the Surface (Code of Silence, #3)Below the Surface 

Something is wrong with Cooper. 

He's plagued by a fear he doesn't understand and can t control. Cooper just wants to escape, and a summer vacation aboard the restored cabin cruiser, The Getaway, with best friends Gordy, Hiro, and Lunk seems like the perfect way to do it. Two weeks of fun---with no mysteries or life-and-death danger. That's the plan. But their plans are shattered the very first night when they witness a murder. 

Or did they? 

Despite their intentions of leaving the investigation to the police, narrow misses and creepy encounters lure them in. Is there really a body floating in the underwater currents of the lake? The closer they get to the truth, the deeper into danger they get. Too late they see the trap. Now each of them must face their own buried fears . . . just below the surface."

Below the Surface is the third installment in the Code of Silence trilogy but also can be enjoyed as a stand-alone. The story begins when Cooper and his friends are planning on pulling a prank on a near-by boat during their vacation. This is the last summer before they have to go to high school and after everything that has been going on, it's the perfect way to relax and enjoy the sun. 

When their prank goes wrong, Connor and his crew think that they witnessed a murder but since everything happened so fast, they are not sure if it was true. With different things set in motion, they are now being watched & might be in danger. With everything else going on, Connor is faced with a new fear that comes for him in the darkness of the water. Whatever is down there, scaring Connor needs to be put to stop and his friends are here to help. 

Below the Surface was an amazing story about friendship along with action packed story that was appropriate for middle grade readers. What I really enjoyed about this story is that even though this was the last book in trilogy, everything was still explained without making the reader confused which was very helpful. The only thing that I found weird is that children weren't very much around adults and that was the main reason for them getting in trouble. But I really enjoyed the writing and the excitement and the story line that was produced and definitely recommend this one. 

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  • To help men see what a Christian man should be in all the various facets of life.
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