Thursday, May 1, 2014

[Book Review] Chills: A Short Story Collection by Sahar Sabati

Chills: A Short Story CollectionChills: A Short Story Collection
The same people are impossibly spotted in two different places at once; a man considers murdering the husband of a woman he loves; while driving home very early in the morning, a driverless car appears out of the fog and follows two sisters home. Fear of the unknown, emotional intensity, and plain old creepiness will give you chills long after you have finished reading the seven stories in this collection.

Before starting this collection of short stories, this is what the author wrote:

Stories can give you chills for many reasons. Sometimes, it’s fear; sometimes, it’s the suspense; sometimes, it’s the emotional intensity, while other times, it’s just plain old creepiness. One of the roles of fiction is to explore concepts in ways that we cannot do in real life. The stories in this collection are metaphors for fears that I or close friends of mine had to face.

I thought that was the most amazing dedication that an author could write and was absolutely in love with all of the stories. When you think of "chills", you may think that there are horror stories about someone dripping with blood. But this was very different stories that made you shiver because of the images your mind started to make when reading. 

This was genius, I absolutely loved every single one of them. My favorite is definitely short story named Karma that tells an unfortunate love story between Peter and Eve. Beautiful and tragic, it is a must read along with every other story in it.