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[Book Review] Deeper We Fall by Chelsea M. Cameron

Deeper We Fall (Fall and Rise, #1)Deeper We Fall
Chelsea M. Cameron
Two years after her best friend was involved in a car accident that caused a traumatic brain injury, Lottie Anders is ready to start her freshman year of college. Ready to move on. Ready to start forgetting the night that ripped her life apart.

Her plans come to a screeching halt when not one, but both brothers responsible for the accident end up back in her life again.

Zack is cruel, selfish and constantly rubbing what happened to her friend in Lottie's face. 

Zan is different. He listens to her awkward ramblings. He loves "To Kill a Mockingbird" as much as she does, and his dark eyes are irresistible. His words are few and far between, but when he does speak, she can't help but listen. 

The trouble is, Zan was the driver in the accident, and now Lottie's discovered he lied to her about what happened that night. Now she must decide if trusting him again will lead to real forgiveness, or deeper heartache.

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Oh man... As much as I wanted to love this book, I did not feel any connection to the character or the story. Don't get me wrong, the book could have had so much more potential but it just wasn't for me.

The beginning was fantastic! Story begins with the tragedy that Lottie had to experience where her best friend got into the car accident. After two years she still blames herself for the accident but wants to start new at college where she and her twin will be attending. On the first day of being there she realizes that no other than Zack Parker is attending the same college with his brother Zan who were the ones that caused the accident. Right when she wanted a fresh start, the fame seems to have a different answer.

Now.. Why this is not for me:

1. Many times, I dislike Lottie. It's just the way she talks to people makes me want to shake her up and say STOP! I know that it's supposed to be cute when she rambles on about things because she gets nervous but the things she says makes me want to skip a chapter just so I wouldn't have to be in her head.

2. Zan is a romantic. Period. & Lottie.... Well she is not. Whenever Zan has something sweet to say, I always felt like Lottie had some simple, out of place response coming.I was going to add many quote-follow ups for this but my Kindle died at the last minute and I couldn't find my charger! Ahhhhh so sad :(

3. The big secret that Zan was seeming to have wasn't even that mysterious after all. It actually made him kind of look like a regular guy after that which was a big turn off.

4. Everything just seems to happen. I understand there are coincidences but when they are in almost every chapter, it gets really tiring. Oh Zack just seems to be Lottie's new roommate's boyfriend; Zan is her twin brother's dorm neighbor; they bump into each other everywhere; Stryker becomes Zan's friend... BUT WAIT! Stryker also has a sister Trish who actually is Lottie's new coworker! Oh man! What a cute little family.

So overall, I don't think I can give this book more than 3 stars because Zan really won me over. & this could have been an amazing book because of its potential but again, it wasn't really for me.

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