Wednesday, May 15, 2013

[Release Day/ Book Review] Lucid by Natalie Roers

Natalie Roers
Disfigured at birth and ostracized at school, Travis Hunter dreams of acceptance and secretly yearns for the affection of a beautiful young woman named Corrine. When a mysterious doctor promises to help Travis through something called lucid dreaming, Travis gets more than he ever bargained for and soon finds himself learning the secrets of love and life in a fantastic unconscious world.
*A fresh paranormal take on one of the best-selling stories of all time, Lucid explores the classic themes of Beauty and the Beast in a way that all of today's readers will be able to relate to.*

Overall Score: 3.5 Stars

Travis Hunter never felt like he fit in anywhere. In fact, the only thing that he can remember since he was a little boy is being judged by his disfigured looks. So he did the only thing he knew what to do best - try to ignore everyone, hoping that everyone else will ignore him too. Everything changes when his therapist gives him a talisman which she claims was a part of The Lucid group that created their own world while dreaming. He never thought to discover that his dream world would have Connie - the most beautiful girl in town that he cannot help but fall in love with. 

This was such cute read! I felt bad for Travis but was also inspired by him. He didn't care what others think of him, even when he had disfigured looks. I think it was kind of sad that his parents thought exactly the same thing that everyone else thought, even though they were trying not to show it. Either way, I loved reading about the magical world that he experienced in his dreams and just wish the story was longer. It was sort of one of those endings that were "WTF! It's over already!!" but I really enjoyed reading this quick and entertaining book. 

About the Author
A veteran writer, voice artist, and on-air personality, Natalie Roers has been the host of hit radio and television shows in just about every region of the United States. She also owns her own voice-over business where she creates everything from songs and ringtones to commercials and sound effects for clients around the globe. A journalist by trade, Natalie is excited to venture into the world of fiction and hopes to raise money and social awareness for worthy causes with each book she writes. She lives with her husband Cory, and son Austin, in Columbia, South Carolina.