Sunday, May 12, 2013

[Book Review] The Learner by Alan Nayes

The Learner (Learner Series, #1)
The Learner
Alan Nayes
NayéLi has come from the dark side of the universe to learn as much as she can about the third planet from the sun, and to communicate her findings back to her home world. NayéLi is a Learner - and on Earth she assumes the form of a young human female of the indigenous host species.

NayéLi is bound by her rulers' laws of planetary exploration, which state that there can be no involvement with a member of the host species. But NayéLi is more human now than she realizes. And she is about to fall in love. 

Overall Score: 5 Stars!!!

NayéLi is a learner. She was sent to Earth to study about I'WE, the humans, the planet and everything around them. She was given a second chance to prove herself to the main power that she was worth being somebody back at Sumaura, her home planet. Spending hundreds of years on planet Earth has taught her many things but everything changes when she meets a special I'WE, Jared Russell. Nobody can remember her except him because of her memory shield and she doesn't understand why. All she knows is that she has never experienced any of the feelings that she has and she doesn't care anymore if she breaks all the rules just to be with him. 

O.M.G.! This has to be the best science fiction that I have ever read. Actually, I don't think I've ever found a science fiction book that I enjoyed this much. Everything about this book was perfect. The scenes, the story, the characters and even romance! It had everything. I absolutely loved 
NayéLi and it was so interesting to see her be a learner and struggle with her emotions for Jared. And she totally kicked some ass! And Jared! He was such a sweet guy and it was so cute when he was trying to figure her out and find out who she was and why he can't stop thinking about her. Sooooo dreamy! I devoured with book within hours and cannot wait for the second book in the Learner Series to come out. 

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