Wednesday, May 8, 2013

[Book Review] Chasing Beautiful by Pamela Ann

Chasing Beautiful (Chasing, #1)Chasing Beautiful
Pamela Ann
What would you do if you had two hot men fight over you?

An orphan at the age of seven, there was one thing that Sienna Richards didn't do easily--give her heart. She made that mistake once by trusting and giving her heart to her childhood best friend and ex-boyfriend, Kyle Matthews. When Sienna left for London to study, she was taken aback when Kyle told her that he's been seeing someone else.

Hurt and betrayed, Sienna decided to fly back to LA to confront him. The whole idea of "closure" was definitely a bad idea. She immediately left, deflated and aggrieved. Back in London, Sienna was surprised when her very good friend, the magnetic Blake Knightly, seemed to be determined to have her. Blake was relentless but will not settle until he gets ALL of Sienna.

Women clamored to be the handsome aristocratic Blake. Who could possibly resist a compelling man that drew such power and commanded attention by simply just breathing?

When Sienna was about to give in, fate stepped in and muddled her mind and heart once again. Kyle moves to London to be close to her. If Sienna thought her life was in shambles before, she should think again.
Overall Score: 2 Stars

Chasing Beautiful is the first book in Chasing Series which starts off a story about Sienna, a beautiful Californian 20 year old girl who moved to London for college. While being still heartbroken from her past relationship with her childhood best friend Kyle, she engages in a new relationship with her recent friend Brake who she cannot stop thinking about. After Kyle moves to London for work while trying to get her back, she is torn between him and Brake.

I don’t want you for your body… when you’re mine, I want your all. Your body, your soul, your mind. I will consume you – I’ll be your world and in return, I’ll worship the ground you walk on…

This story was an okay read that I'm not really crazy about. There were many sex scenes that I really liked and didn’t seem too tacky and the passion and heat of the moment made the pages turn. The only problem that I have with some of the scenes is that the writing was very confusing. One moment you have Sienna saying some pretty big words and then the next she’ll blurt out something completely ghetto and out of the content. For example, she would say: “Your skills are extraordinary – incomparable” and few paragraphs later: “Yes, it will be hella crazy.” I also did not really find her character to be likeable. I get the whole family tragedy situation and not being able to trust people but for me it was really annoying to read her thoughts. She repeated herself ALOT (well... the author repeated herself ALOT) and it was a constant switch between it's-all-about-me and hot-guys-all-over-me-but-I'm-still-worthless-piece-of-shit act. And she handles situations terrible! When she finds out that Blake was in arranged engagement, she starts crying, has a panic attack in front of everyone and what does she do next? She packs her shit and gets on the plane with her ex-boyfriend! The same ex-boyfriend that broke her heart but she can't stop drooling over him.-facepalm-

So overall, between hot sex scenes and terrible characters, it was an okay read. I wouldn't even give it one star if the author didn't put some steamy action in there. Blah. Just writing this review made my personal rating stop from 3 to 2 stars. -.-

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