Thursday, February 12, 2015

[Book Review] Stealing Marilyn Monroe by Sophie Warren

Stealing Marilyn MonroeStealing Marilyn Monroe
Juliet Chadwick has it all—a job at a New York art gallery, a great boyfriend, and a long-term career in the family business: theft. But unlike her father, Juliet plays it safe, sticking to small-time art heists and always covering her tracks. Until one day when her father’s creditors show up, demanding that she pay off his debts—or else.

And so Juliet comes up with a desperate plan, the greatest con she’s ever attempted: She’s going to steal Andy Warhol’s famous portrait of Marilyn Monroe from bachelor billionaire Edward Aster. All she’ll have to do is pose as the Aster family’s new nanny until she can get her hands on the painting. How hard can it be?

But all too quickly, Juliet finds herself falling in love with Edward’s children, and maybe even with Edward himself. Can she bring herself to pull off the ultimate theft—if it means stealing from a man who’s stolen her heart?
"Painting and sculpture, labor and good faith, have been my ruin and I go continually from bad to worse. Better it would have been for me if I set myself to making matches in my youth! I should not be in such distress of mind.." - Michelangelo

Personally, Chick Lit is one of the categories that is a little tricky for me. I could either love it or find it so silly & unrealistic that continuing the story itself could feel like the waste of my existence. Stealing Marilyn Monroe was definitely on my good side. Actually, scratch that. I LOVED IT!!!

The cover definitely caught my attention first. Then after reading the summary itself, I was definitely intrigued with its promise. Juliet Chadwick was very likable and even though she was a thief, she did it for the love of art and not just to make money. Her whole apartment was filled with art pieces that she stole from previous galleries but only because she knew they would not appreciate them the way they're supposed to be appreciated.

When she gets threatened for large amount of money in exchange of her father's life, she puts together a heist by pretending to be a nanny of three children of a multimillionaire Edward. All would need to be done is watch the kids and figure out if his art is secured so she can take it. But she never thought that loving the kids would be an option and ultimately, falling for their dad.

Although the story was a little cliché and could be viewed as silly, I actually thought it was a light read & still very entertaining. It kind of reminded me of the show Nanny that I still watch sometimes besides the whole I'm-Going-to-Steal-Your-Art type of deal.

The story flowed very well and I loved the children and how they acted with their dad and Juliet herself. And the ending might have been somewhat silly, it was that grand finish that many stand alone novels have & I am very happy with.