Friday, August 15, 2014

[Discussion] When do you post ARC reviews?

when do you post arc reviews?

Ever since I started blogging, I always find little things that I can improve. Like my social media buttons, the way I post reviews, and etc. But one thing I'm still trying to make a process for is to post ARC reviews. So I was thinking... What do other bloggers out there do there? Ever since I started blogging, these have become my addition:

I mean, who can blame me, right? Yes, sometimes I am very good about not requesting too many ARCs but then if there's a good season and all of the sudden the good books start coming out... well then I go crazy. Like really, REALLY crazy lol

But then I do read them. And when should I post? I LOVE the scheduling function on Blogger but do I do it right after I read it or should I wait until release day? I have an idea of doing "Release Day Reviews" where I would post a review of a book on the day when it's getting released but not sure if that's too late. 

So let's discuss. when do you post arc reviews? do you have some sort of method/process that you follow when it comes to posting reviews? any tips?