Thursday, April 3, 2014

[Off the Books] Links I Love

    This is a meme hosted by Spiced Latte Reads where we talk about non-book related things.
    This post was inspired by a blogger from Cupcakes & Cashmere. Not a lot of people might realize it but besides having an abnormal obsession with books, I'm very interested in many other different things. I decided to share just some of the links that I visit constantly & absolutely LOVE! 

    1. Food Gawker - This is what the world would call 'food porn'! It's very similar to pinterest and it's all about food with perfect photography. If I'm going to make sure, it sure won't look like that but at least I can pretend *wink*
    2. Charlotte Russe - One of my favorite online shops! Whenever I go to the action store, it's way too overcrowded and all the good stuff are gone. But they have exactly same deals online and I don't have to change my sweats hehe
    3. Influenster - I wish more people would know about this website! It's pretty much a site where you fill out some information about yourself and then based on your interests, they send you free stuff! I actually got another package from there few days ago so I will post about the stuff in few days. I'm super excited to try everything out!
    4. Skinny Mom - I only recently discovered this website but it has the best Workouts you can possibly think of. I tried out couple of their Crossfit moves that they're listed on there and trust me: IT KICKED MY BUTT! Gotta get ready for that summer ;)

     What are some of your favorite websites that you have to check constantly?
    Share it in comments below!