Tuesday, April 22, 2014

[Book Review] Knowing is not Enough‏ by Patricia Walker Chatman

Knowing Is Not EnoughKnowing is Not Enough
Alex Nichols thought being in a relationship was enough to make her happy. She was wrong. Never through Jake's actions or words did Alex ever feel he loved her. Seven years of marriage and three betrayals later, Alex has had enough and permits herself to dream of a different life with someone else. However, before happily ever after can become reality she must first learn how to deconstruct the emotional walls that have protected her in the past.

Knowing is Not Enough is a story of searching for "one true love" and trying to find yourself in the craziness of life. Alex goes through a series of events that makes her realize that maybe there's someone else out there for her and she can be actually happy. Through the eyes of every woman on the planet, this story is full of raw emotions that makes the reader feel the pain, pressure, and joy of the main character through incredible writing.

Chatman really brought the story to life by showing us the side of a woman where a lot of us do not want to look at. Through her incredible writing, she shows us the joy of being happy and making decisions that may impact your whole life. I absolutely loved this book and glad I gave this author a shot.

The Author

For over twenty years, Patricia Walker Chatman has worked in the human service industry. In 2010, Patricia accepted a Faculty Associate position facilitating Financial Management for Human Services and various Business Topics. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources with a specialization in Training and Development. A Master Degree in Public Policy and Administration, and anticipates completing her doctorate in Public Policy Administration, May 2014. Knowing Is Not Enough is Patricia’s first novel. Read more of story at http://www.walkerchatmanpublishing.com - Books.