Monday, April 28, 2014

[Book Review] Dark Luminance by E.M. McDowell

Dark LuminanceDark Luminance
Quantum energy. Unlimited power. Humanity’s salvation. The Frameway Project promises all of this and more, and Mackland Luther is guiding the project to its final culmination. 

On the eve of what promises to be their biggest breakthrough, Mackland and his friends, Billy and Sean, prepare the test that will provide the almost limitless power needed to take the human race into the future. Initial success and excitement quickly turn to horror as the Frame goes out of control, ripping Mackland and his friends from their world and depositing them in a world that is completely different yet strangely familiar. Along with Lily, a hard-charging security guard that was caught by the Frame along with them; and Grizzly, a rough yet gentle survivalist they meet in this new world, Mack and his friends must figure out some way to understand and undo whatever brought them here if they ever want to return to their own world. 

But first they must survive an increasingly dangerous world full of undead drug addicts, giant mutants, and a relentless telepathic madman who will do anything to get his hands on the Frame for his own purposes.

Dark Luminance is an incredible story that is a mix in between of Doctor Who and The Walking Dead. With main characters being thrown into a parallel universe filled with zombies, it is action-packed and very fast-paced that keeps the reader on his toes. 

From the very beginning, I didn't really know what to expect from his author. With all of the scientific talk, it seemed like the author got a little carried away with all of the information. When starting a book, I like to ease into it, to make sure that I can get into the plot without being too overwhelmed. But after few chapters, I realized why the author did the beginning like this. With parallel universe, it was important to understand the background of what happened. I would have liked to see a smoother transaction. 

Main characters were well developed and with a fast plot, it was great to see how the description of these events planned out. The world-building itself was great and the zombies, or Psidead, was a refreshing read from all of the other, "regular" zombies. With a couple things that I could not have looked over, this is a pretty entertaining story that alot of zombie-lovers can find great.