Thursday, February 20, 2014

[Book Review] Say Forever by Tara West

Say Forever (Something More #3)Say Forever
I love Andrés so much, more than anyone I’ve ever loved before, yet there are days when I don’t know if I want to scream, swear, or fall to pieces. We’re trying to plan a future together, but our families won’t leave us alone. What’s worse is I can see Andrés is not happy.

They say love trumps all hurdles, but some days I wonder will “our” love trump “our” hurdles? Then I look into Andrés’s sensual smile and passionate gaze and I fall in love all over again.

When I told Christina I would love her forever, I meant every word. The nightmares are back, and I don’t know how to stop them, but I have to be strong for her. This pressure from my family and my job feels like a noose around my neck, but I will do whatever it takes to give Christina the life she deserves. She’s everything to me, and I won’t lose her.

Say Forever - the final book in Something More series by Tara West. & I just want to say that I love the set up that was done for this series to show different stages of relationship. Bravo!

Since Christina found out that she was pregnant, she decided that she was ready to marry Andres. But with his crazy family and her actual mother, it's hard to say what actually goes. She said that she wouldn't make anyone push her around anymore but it is so hard to say anything when your future family only wants what's best for you. Then you got the crazy hormones that keep getting in the way. Andres is not doing so well either. Being worried for Christina, his nightmares are back. The future doesn't scare him but he wants to be able to provide for his new family. Realizing that he doesn't want to take over the family business puts him in tough situation. 

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Something More series was definitely a good run for me. Being able to see their relationship grow really made love both of the characters and wish that they would work out their problems. But in this book I saw the side of Christine that I did not like to see. Just as in Say When, she was being pushed around, didn't stand up for herself, and let everyone walk over her. She felt somewhat disconnected from the story until she finally took the wedding into her own hands. 

Andres... Well he's perfect. Your typical book-boyfriend that... Well yes. I would like to marry him and carry his children. But their relationshp worked and the ending to this series couldn't have been better :)

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