Wednesday, January 1, 2014

[Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge] Day 1

New Year's Challenge

In 2014, Rachel at Parajunkee is hosting something new for us, bookish people!
The Book Bloggers New Year’s Challenge
It’s a great way to start a year to challenge yourself & set your goals straight!!


Happy New Year to all of my followers!! I'm so excited to begin new year with every single one of you and let's hope that this one is going to be amazing! HUGE thanks for Parajunkee's amazing website for hosting this, she is a genius! :)

1.Get creative & Personal
In 2013 I have been focusing a lot on hosting Cover Reveals and Book Tours. But I realized that it wasn't what I wanted to be known for and started to post more reviews and memes. This year I really want to connect with my followers and really show them who I am as a person. 

I have been pretty good about returning comments but I completely missed out on following Bloglovin and discovering amazing blog posts. 2014 will be when I will be on the hunt for awesome posts and you'll know when I was there *wink*

3.Prevent burning out
Around September 2013 I had a complete blogger burnout. I didn't want to think about blogs, books, or anything to do with this community. I know it sounds very rude and I really didn't want it to happen, I just couldn't help myself. I think it was because I requested so many blog tours and books, that I gave up. I'm glad to be over that stage and really exciting to start fresh. 

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