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[Audiobook Review] Fever by Maya Banks

Fever (Breathless, #2)Fever
Maya Banks
Jace, Ash, and Gabe: three of the wealthiest, most powerful men in the country. They’re accustomed to getting anything they want. Anything at all. For Jace, it’s a woman whose allure takes him completely by surprise...

Jace Crestwell, Ash McIntyre, and Gabe Hamilton have been best friends and successful business partners for years. They’re powerful, they’re imposing, they’re irresistibly sexy, and Jace and Ash share everything—including their women.

When they meet Bethany, Jace begins to feel things he’s never experienced before: jealousy, and a powerful obsession that threatens him, overwhelms him—and excites him beyond control.

Jace isn’t sharing Bethany—with anyone. He’s determined to be the only man in her life, and it’s jeopardizing a lifelong friendship with Ash. Bethany will be his and his alone. Even if it means turning his back on his best friend.
“He did and said all the right things. Things that went straight to her heart, and worse, they inspired the one thing that she'd given up along time ago. Hope.”

Jace Crestwell doesn’t want a relationship and now that his sister Mia is getting married, he doesn’t know how to react to it. But he meets Bethany and invites her for an explosive threesome with his best friend Ash, he knows that she is different. After disappearing on him the next day, he searches for her and finding out that she is homeless, breaks his heart. He needs to find her, to take care of her, to make sure that she survives the streets.

“She was too well acquainted with the way things work in real life. Real life sucked. But it was real. It was unapologetic. It made no excuses. It just was.”

Bethany knows that she doesn’t deserve Jace but being with him makes her heart stop and she cannot help but fall for him. But when her old life keeps creeping in, she cannot handle Jace’s mistrust. Trying to stand up for herself and be the person that she was meant to be is hard but it is better than being frozen on the streets, not knowing when her next meal will be.


I do have to say that this book was way better than the first one. There were no conflict, story, and the emotions were way deeper than just pointless sex scenes. I really felt the connection here but couldn’t get over Bethany’s insecurities. She always cried, ran away, and really was just a broken person. I guess it’s understandable since she was homeless but still.. it bothered me.

Jace was amazing as always. Perfect alpha male who is completely obsessed with a woman. Who wouldn’t want that lol Well.. it’s on to the last book in this trilogy – wish me luck! *wink*

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