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[Guest Post + Giveaway] Untethered by Katie Hayoz

Katie Hayoz
Sylvie isn’t comfortable in her own skin. In fact, there are times she can’t even manage to stay inside it. But if there is one thing she’s sure of, it’s her love for Kevin Phillips. She’s willing to stake everything on it –her family, her friends, and possibly her soul.

Sixteen-year-old Sylvie has been best friends with Cassie forever. But everything is turned around when the boy Sylvie’s loved since fifth grade falls for Cassie. Devastated, Sylvie intends to get Kevin by any means possible, even if it involves treachery, deceit, and the dark side of astral projection. She is positive her plans will give her what she wants, but she doesn’t count on it all spiraling out of control. 

Untethered explores the intoxicating and dangerous world of jealousy and obsession when coupled with paranormal ability. Finalist in Mslexia novel competition.

Untethered Playlist by Katie Hayoz
I’m not one of those writers who listens to music while I’m at the computer. Actually, the only time I listen to music is in the car. Maybe while cleaning the house. But never, ever while I’m writing.

So why the play list?

Well, I may not listen when I’m writing, but that doesn’t mean certain songs don’t run through my head. In one of the early drafts of Untethered, I actually had song lyrics throughout. There are so many good tunes that just summed up how I thought Sylvie was feeling. In the end, though, between streamlining the novel and worrying about copyright issues, I ended up taking them out. But I will share with you the songs that were originally meant to be in the book and why:

1. Kiss Off by the Violent Femmes
You can all just kiss off into the air
Behind my back I can see them stare
They'll hurt me bad, but I won't mind
They'll hurt me bad, they do it all the time

Sylvie sees herself as a freak, so others do, too. I imagined this as a kind of mantra on her part: Kiss off, everybody. Only she’s not always as tough as that. Or as emotionally removed as she needs to be.

2. Why Can’t I Be You by the Cure
You're so gorgeous
I'll do anything…
You're so perfect
You're so right as rain…
Why can't I be you? Why can't I be you?

Sylvie is so lost in her own self-obsession that she thinks Cassie has it perfect. She’d give anything to be Cassie. Anything. Yeah, bad move, Sylvie. Bad move.

3. Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones
I can’t get no
No satisfaction
Just because. Isn’t that how we all feel sometimes?

4. Don’t Let Me Get Me by Pink
Every day I fight a war against the mirror
I can't take the person staring back at me I'm a hazard to myself
Don't let me get me
I'm my own worst enemy
It's bad when you annoy yourself, so irritating
Don't wanna be my friend no more, I wanna be somebody else

This song is Untethered. Everything I intended to say about Sylvie and who she is for 75% of the book can be summed up with Don’t Let Me Get Me. Plus, Pink is my favorite singer. A playlist wouldn’t be complete without something from her.

5. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
Is this real life
Is this fantasy

In part two of the book, this is what Sylvie is asking herself. And, man, does she wish fantasy was the answer. I think the whole craziness of this song also sums up the confusion and horror at her own acts that Sylvie feels after the fact. But it’s too little too late.

So what about you? Any song come to mind when you think about Untethered?

Katie HayozAbout the Author:
Katie grew up in Racine, Wisconsin where she acquired an irreversible nasal twang and an addiction for books with a slightly dark edge. She now lives in Geneva, Switzerland with her husband, two daughters, and a very fuzzy cat. She has been an avid reader of YA fiction for years. While she has a penchant for the paranormal, she devours a range of books -- along with popcorn and black licorice. She consumes all three in large quantities. Luckily, the books don't stay on her hips.

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