Friday, November 15, 2013

Amazon's Teen & Young Adult Newsletter‏ FREE EBOOK Deal is a Spam???

Hello beauties! This is more of a short story than anything else just because I want to get it off my chest. I would never have imagined it but Amazon gone spamy?? Whoa dude! This is the story:

While I was looking through some ebooks on Amazon, I noticed a link which said that if I signed up for Amazon Teen & YA Newsletter, I would receive a code that would grant me access to a free Kindle Ebook. Sounds awesome right? I totally did it.

So after I signed up, I did get a code which I entered into provided link. It told me to select the book and the code will be applied to the amount. 

But when I actually bought the ebook, it charged me full amount!! And it’s not like it was $2. The final price of the purchase was over $10. Not cool Amazon, not cool!

After hoping that there was some kind of mistake, I emailed Amazon Customer Service and told them about the offer but this is the message I got:

So I’m just wondering… Did I do something wrong and I’m totally gay.sauce for not following directions or anyone else had this problem?

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