Wednesday, June 12, 2013

[Guest Blog] Sugar Baby by Aaron Powell

Sugar Baby
Aaron Powell
Sugar Baby – A young man or woman who receives financial compensation and/or gifts in exchange for companionship, often including favors of the sexual nature.

Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy – A wealthy, often older man or women, who provides financial compensation and/or gifts to a Sugar Baby in exchange for companionship.

Guest blog: "making Marissa"
Several readers have inquired about where I get the ideas for my female characters. I’ve found that my most convincing and realistic female characters are the ones who I base on the wonderful women that I’ve met throughout my life. They’re not necessarily women who I actually dated, but women I was friends with, whether it be a colleague from work or someone who I met in college. My female characters might be a combination of my wife, my history teacher, a lady marine I worked with, and the cheerleader I had a crush on in high school.
As I began to construct Marissa in my mind, I was borrowing bits and pieces of real people. When I create any of my erotica characters, it’s absolutely vital that I incorporate all of the bodily senses to create the most vivid experience I can for readers. If I was sitting next to Marissa in math class or speaking to her at the office, what would I notice about her? Physically, I would notice how she smells; her hair, her perfume, the lotion she uses. Is her breath sweet? Is she chewing gum? What about her voice? Is it soft? Does she speak with a cute little Texas drawl? Does she use lip gloss? How much make-up does she wear? Does she overdo it or does she have that natural beauty? When she crosses her legs do her muscles flex in a specific way? Does she have peach fuzz on the nape of her neck? Is her hair shoulder length or longer? Will Kyle be able to wrap it around his palm one or two times before he pulls it and slaps her on the behind?
I carefully tie all of these physical traits into her personality and her social presence. I wanted Marissa to be intelligent. She’s young and perhaps a little inexperienced in the ways of relationships, but she’s not naïve. Marissa knows what she wants in life. She’s very self-driven and she knows she’s capable of attaining her ultimate academic and professional goals, but how will she possibly afford it? Marissa understands that she will need to sacrifice valuable study time in order to wait tables, but that’s not good enough for her. And school loans will haunt her for the rest of her life. Marissa in an independent woman. She’s funny and sweet. She’s envious of the relationship that Kyle and Brittney have, but she’s not a jealous person.  
I’m upstairs on the computer and the doorbell rings. Brittney’s downstairs and I let her answer it so I can finish up what I’m working on. A few moments later, I hear them coming up the stairs. I hear water running in the master bathroom and jump at the sound of Marissa’s voice.
            “Hi, guy. You miss me?”
            I look away from the monitor and see her standing in the doorway. She is wearing a dark trench coat which conceals her beautiful young body. Her hair is curled, enhancing her already flawless beauty, and her lips look shiny with lip-gloss. I open my mouth to say something, but she slowly opens her coat and I gasp. My mind struggles to process. I see recently tanned, young flesh mixed with a light purple fabric that barely covers her. A skimpy lingerie outfit that spreads over her body in thin strands like a web, equipped with a garter belt that connects to purple stockings at her thighs. Her nipples are hard and visible through the fabric. I slowly move my eyes down her body, examining her thin, athletic figure.
            “Uh…hi, there.”
            “Do you like my new outfit?”
            I’m not sure I’ve blinked and force myself to. “I do.”    

About the Author
Aaron B. Powell
Aaron Powell served as a marine during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 2003 with a bachelor of arts in criminal justice and a psychology minor. He also completed a second bachelor of arts in business administration at Ashford University, where he graduated with distinction in 2011. Aaron Powell is the author of the Doomsday Diaries series, C-Town, Benjamin, Hurry Up and Wait, Sugar Baby, and Scream, “Aye, Sir!” He enjoys reading—particularly military history and nonfiction—and writing, and is an active marksman. Aaron and his wife and sons live near Austin, Texas.