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[Book Review] Hate Me by Leen Elle

Hate MeHate Me
Leen Elle
Hate me so you can finally see what's good for you.

Over two years ago, I saw him, I didn't even know his name, and I was totally in love with him. I don't like telling it this way, but its true. I was enthralled with him. He was perfect. Over the next two years I knew him better. I called him by his first name, texted him, and we got really close for a week, practically inseparable when we were together. It was perfect. But we never got together.

I hated that because I loved him even after our brief romantic history, and I do even now. But now I don't regret it. If a relationship were to work out, he would need to change a lot and so would I. I would need to get my priorities straight, and find out if they were similar to his because we share an interest that rules his life completely. I could never be the person he needed me to be if we had gotten together.

And also because I, myself, did not believe in love. I thought it a glamorous word made up to make humankind seem better than it really is. Now, after thinking about it, I have decided that love...

Raylin is a perfectionist. Viper is a goth. They both do not believe in love. What happens when they meet?

I’ll always look back as I walk away,
This memory will last for eternity.
And all of our tears will be lost in the rain, 
When I’ve found my way, 
Back to your arms again.
But until that day, you know you are
The queen of my heart.
Wow this book was something I did not expect. From the reading the summary, I thought it was going to be a crazy erotic story about some badass characters that used “Hate me” words as some sort of bad word. But I got a sweet high-school love story about two people who rejected love but after being with each other realized that it exists and is worth experiencing in life. 

I’d never say this, Miss Lachey,” He said into the mike once more, “And you probably never expected it either but… I think I love you...”

The Cover. Definitely loved the design of the cover and who doesn’t love some gorgeous people on it? But I do think that the cover should at least match the book somehow. I know it might not be a big deal but being a person who is obsessed with Design & Retouching, I do think that characters should have been chosen differently. In the book, Railyn has jet black hair with gray eyes but in the cover it’s obvious that the woman has dirty blonde hair and looks around 25-ish and not 18. Viper is a Goth in the book with dyed hair and thick eyeliner around his eyes. Cover?? Sexy ass man with natural brown hair and a shadow. Doesn’t effect the book and the way it’s written but it’s something I wanted to point out because some readers do focus on that. 

The Good. I thought that the story was very beautiful. Railyn and Viper both experienced some tragedies in their life and were done with love. Viper’s mother passed away and his father went into complete drunk state and was beating up his brother. Railyn’s father walked out on them and now her mother was dating jerks every week and saying that she loves every single one of them. When Railyn and Viper meet, they don’t believe in love but they cannot resist each other for long even though all good things come to the end. This story has made me cry couple of times because it was sweet and heartbreaking. 

& The Bad. The ending. I didn’t see the sequel to the this book and really think that it would have had a great potential of being a great series. I really want to see what happens next with Viper and Railyn after he returns from England. I couldn’t believe the author decided to stop them… Such a tease!!! One more thing that I thought was really weird the little conversations that they had in their head. It really reminded me of Gollum from Lord of the Rings!! They were literally arguing with each other inside of their head lol Like what the hell!! 

Overall I give this book 3.5 Stars because even though the story was good and enjoyable, there were a lot of things that could have been changed which would make a better book.

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