Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekend Reads - Summer Edition

Do you know what every summer needs? A vacation! Between getting another job, competing in fitness competition (see my progress and updates at, this summer has been pretty crazy! But have no fear! Because books are here and they totally have saved my ass haha
Here's a list of what I have been reading during my vacation and a short summery of what I thought about it or think about it so far :)

Truth or Dare (Truth or Dare, #1)

So far? Actually intriguing. Not going to lie, I really freaking want to know who the darer is!! Grr
This Savage Song (Monsters of Verity, #1)

So far? My love for monsters have died down over the years but not going to lie, this has been a pretty interesting one. So I'm hoping for the best! 

The Good Kind of Bad

So far? I typically would have been bored already but I really freaking want to know what kind of "dangerous" twist this will bring. Overall, they did promise drama hehe

What are some of your favorite summer reads so far?