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[Book Spotlight + Giveaway] Leading Her Witness by Cheryl Ann Smith

Goons, deadbeats, and murder: A tenacious process server’s unconventional techniques get her into loads of trouble. So much so that her boss jokes that he keeps the coroner on speed dial just in case. Still, most of Andie Dixon’s job is pretty tame if she doesn’t count snapping dogs and homeowners squirting her with garden hoses.
That changes when she serves papers on a notorious crime boss and puts her life in real jeopardy. But despite this close call, Andie will not let threats keep her from doing her job. She puts the matter behind her until a hunky U.S. Marshal tracks her down and solicits her help to find the fugitive. Again. At first Andie adamantly refuses, but eventually agrees when she’s swayed by the Marshal’s persistence and rather dreamy brown eyes. However, when crime boss Sammy Gilroy, finds out she’s back and close on his heels, he threatens to make her disappear for good this time.

Marshall Colin Navarro needs to find Sammy Gilroy before the man vanishes forever. Colin is certain that the notorious crime leader was involved in a shoot-out with the FBI that injured his sister. But he never expected that he’d have to sway a newbie process-server to help, or that she’d turn out to be stubborn, aggravating, and an all-around pain in the ass. Yet despite her shortcomings, he cannot figure out why she’s taken over his thoughts and is front and center in some very hot fantasies. But can he keep her from getting herself killed as they edge closer to catching the fugitive? Then again, the crime boss and his goons don’t know who they’re messing with.

With Andie on the case, Colin is beginning to believe that justice may be served after all.


Lying face down on a white plastic lounge chair, his body pink from the sun and clad in a red swim suit several sizes too small for a man of his girth, her target was not hard to spot. Samuel “Sammy” Gilroy was oblivious to Andie’s intrusion as a topless woman vigorously rubbed suntan lotion onto his lower back.
Shuddering, she made a face. Ewwwww 
Obviously, Gilroy had not gotten the memo that men pushing sixty should not wear a thong. She, Andrea Dixon, process server extraordinaire, was scrunched down behind a tightly planted row of yews, swallowing past a hard lump of fear before she pushed her face farther out between the bushes. The tangy smell of chlorine caused her nose to twitch and she squelched the urge to sneeze. Any slip-up in this crowd was akin to signing her death warrant, and she wasn’t ready to go just yet. 
So, she scanned the pool area for the pair of goons Sammy kept on his payroll and ignored the funky twist in her stomach. 
Frick and Frack, she called the pair, as they resembled bookends in the black shirts and slacks they always wore. She’d seen them twice during her investigation into Sammy’s hideout. They were humorless, probably sprinkled steroid powder on their corn flakes, and were not to be messed with. 
Thank goodness the goon squad was not within sight. She relaxed a little between thoughts of “remember the money, Andie” and “what in the hell do you think you’re doing?” 
This case was far and above serving court papers for divorce cases and traffic warrants. To find herself just yards away from her first criminal went way beyond stupidity as far as she was concerned. But she had something to prove to herself…and to her family.
This case would show her mother and sisters that she wasn’t headed for a lifetime of dead-end jobs and familial disappointment. 
Four months in and she was convinced she’d finally found her calling...if she didn’t end up dead. 

MMPHFinalFrontCoverMurder, Mayhem, and Perfekt Hair by Cheryl Ann Smith

About Cheryl Ann Smith

Cheryl Ann Smith loves mystery and adventure and always includes both in her books. And when she’s not putting her heroines in danger, she’s watching true crime shows or spending way too much time on email with friends. Cheryl lives in Michigan with her family and several pets.
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