Thursday, April 23, 2015

[Release Day Celebration] Soaring Through Stars by Radjeep Paulus


Soaring Through Stars
Soaring Through Stars

“I live in the in between. Between holding on and letting go. Hurt clings to me. Hope teases me. Home. I can’t explain it, but sometimes, I just want to go home.”

Talia and Jesse Vanderbilt have escaped a childhood full of abuse, and when they have a chance to put their father behind bars, setbacks arise from every direction. The siblings can't help but consider the option to walk away and move on with their lives.

Then someone unexpected brings his own secrets, forcing the Vanderbilt teens to revisit their pasts and rethink their plans. Through it all, Lagan and Talia’s Post-it love story blossoms, while Jesse and Summer hit roadblocks. 

From the award-winning author of Swimming Through Clouds and Seeing Through Stones comes a powerful story of freedom and belonging in this final book of the young adult trilogy that began with an invitation on a little Post-it note.


Praise for Soaring Through Stars

Soaring through Stars is a beautiful, perfect ending to a truly exceptional series… Don’t miss this one.” ~USA Today’s HEA Blog, Serena Chase

Rajdeep Paulus writes young adult fiction with a new kind of hero… compassionate at moments when it would be much easier to stand by and do nothing.”  ~Amazon Author Success Story

“Deep, sometimes quite dark, and very emotional YA story.”  ~Once Upon a YA Book Blog

Quotes from Soaring Through Stars

· “I know it looks bad, but you said no more running. We said, no more running.”

· “What did surprise me was that you weren’t wearing a long blue gown.”

· “If I close my mind to all that lies behind and all that could happen tomorrow, I find a place in between I never thought existed. This place called now.”

About the author

IMG_5776Rajdeep Paulus is an Award-winning author of SwimmingThrough Clouds and Seeing Through Stones. Rajdeep studied English Literature at Northwestern and lives in New York with her Sunshine and four princesses.


  • 1 Winner wins Blue Swarovski crystal heart charm on silver chain (U.S. Residents Only)
  • 1 Winner wins Paperbacks of the trilogy – THREE BOOKS (U.S. Residents Only) 
  • 3 Winners win Ebooks of Swimming Through Clouds (Book One)
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