Friday, January 2, 2015

[Book Review] Dancing with Molly by Lena Horowitz

Dancing with MollyDancing with Molly
Before, I was never the life of the party. I was the reliable one. The one no one had to worry about. The one no one had to think about. I was the one that everyone could ignore.

Until that night, when everything changed and I finally became someone.

Someone special.

Someone noticeable. 

Someone Carson might actually care about, as much as I cared about him.

But the cost of being someone is more than anyone can imagine. For every moment, there’s a price to pay. For every party. For every choice made. For every kiss.

Ultimately, living a life of PURE ECSTASY might be no different from not living at all.

Dancing with Molly is a multidimentional book in which I felt conflicted whether or not I actually agreed with the writing. The writing style itself was in a Diary form so it was very light and engaging. The thing that bothered me most is that by reading this book, I got an urge to do molly. & that is not what anyone should be thinking when reading a book. 

Story itself was very simple. You have your typical teenage girl who's not very popular and she likes to refer to herself as "band geek". Always in her sister's shadow who is hot, popular, and is confident - she just wants something to herself. So that's when she agrees to do some E (ecstasy) with her friend. The feelings that she described are so real and detailed, it really made me skip the pages because I was really into it. 

Next thing you know she tries molly which everyone refers to as "pure bliss" and they're right. She feels amazing and getting attention of a hot football player is definitely a benefit as well. Although she comes off as very self-centered and insecure, it's amazing to see the progression of her spiral. Her relationships around her and mistakes that she makes are what anyone would have and the details of everything are amazing. 

The only reason why I didn't rate this five stars is because of the reason I mentioned earlier. Books are supposed to inspire people to be better and to get lost in reality. I wouldn't want anyone to stop what their doing and try to get lost in drugs. Word is powerful and I just wish that noone will have the urge to try it.