Wednesday, December 17, 2014

[Novella Review + Giveaway] The Boyfriend Backtrack by Dawn Lanuza

The Boyfriend BacktrackThe Boyfriend Backtrack
by Dawn Lanuza
If they say that life flashes right before your eyes when you die, do you also get a flashback of your exes when your perfect boyfriend is proposing to you? 

At least that's the case for Regina Cortez. There's her dramatic high school boyfriend, her first college crush, the irresistible heart breaker, and the ever elusive one. 

By backtracking to her past, will Regina make it to 'I Do'? Or will she just keep running away?

I'm a big fan of novellas that actually make sense. & I don't mean just the story but it takes a lot of talent to put together a short story that will grasp reader's attention within such a short period of time and make them love you. 

Fortunately, that is exactly what Dawn Lanuza did. Her writing style is light, funny, and I felt very connected with the main character, Regina. When her boyfriend proposed to her, she got a flashback of every single boyfriend she had and now has to deal with her friends trying to "put all the loose ends together". The main question is if she's actually ready to marry Kevin or keep running away like she always does. 

My final thought? Loved it! Characters and the story was very genuine and felt a lot more like a good story for the holiday season even though it wasn't placed during that time. But it did made me feel cozy hehe

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