Sunday, October 26, 2014

Get Wicked with Entangled Giveaway Hop


As spirits roam the neighborhood at night, 
Let loose upon the Earth till it be light... 


Entangled Publishing is awesome! Did you guys know that? They put together GET WICKED blog hop and I am super excited to be a part of it! First things first. What are you going to be for Halloween?
Haven't decided yet?? WHAT!!! Well that's just crazy, go do that right now. 
While you're doing that, I want you guys to think about the most RIDICULOUS Halloween you ever had and share it below! I can't wait to read all of your comments and get them featured after the giveaway ends! What do you guys in return??

drum roll please... 

Top 3 BEST stories will  win 3 items that could be considered as "trick" or "treat". This could include books, slimy and gross-looking zombies, candy, or even some awesome gift cards! 

So go on my little pumpkins, fly away! Remember you guys are the best :)