Tuesday, September 3, 2013

[Book Review + Giveaway] Crossing by Stacey Wallace Benefiel

Stacey Wallace Benefiel
Due to heavy subject matter, Crossing is recommended for readers 17+.

He stole her lipstick…and her heart.

Twenty-year-old Dani Walker can’t believe her luck when she’s paired up with the gorgeous Liam Garrett as her Acting I scene partner – or when he ends up in her bed. Being a Plain Jane with a mouth on her hasn’t exactly served Dani well in the guy department. In fact, she’s had nothing but one night stands. Still, she lets go of her insecurities and falls for Liam, despite feeling like he’s holding something back.

When Dani finally discovers Liam’s secret, she must learn the true meaning of accepting the ones we love for who they are, or risk losing the best thing that’s ever happened to her

*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

Crossing is a very deep love story about two people who are realistic with their personalities and emotions. It’s not a cliché story about perfect girl and perfect boy having the most perfect relationship.

"Stop making excuses for why you can’t let yourself have this. It’s not conventional but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. What’s more important? Loving the man that loves you, or trying to achieve this bullshit idea you have of what a perfect relationship is supposed to be?”
Dani is not perfect. An aspiring college theatre major met Liam in a theatre class and does not think that a girl like her belongs with a guy like him. She knows that she’s not the skinniest girl in the world but she is confident in herself and doesn’t care. She’s corky, fun, and she is real.
Liam is charming and can have any girl that he wants. But he chooses Dani. He likes her for who she is and doesn’t care about other girls. Their love is real and the emotions and feelings that they have for each other cannot be ignored.

This was an amazing and absolutely beautiful story. This is the book that makes girls have that hope that their Price Charming is out there and all they need to do is wait. I was able to really connect with the characters and enjoy the story. A must read for everyone who wants to see true love through a real girl’s eyes. 

About the Author
Stacey Wallace BenefielStacey Wallace Benefiel is the author of the Zellie Wells trilogy, FOUND, the Day of Sacrifice series, The Toilet Business - a collection of essays,CROSSING, and multiple short stories.

She sometimes goes by S.W. Benefiel or Reina Stowe, but knows she's not foolin' anybody.

Stacey lives in an orange house in Beaverton, OR with her two young children.

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