Monday, April 8, 2013

[Book Review] Miss Chatterley "Hungry"

Hungry (Miss Chatterley, Part 1)
Hungry by Logan Belle  
I've loved Cliff since the day we met. For three years, he's been my boyfriend and my best friend. But for the first time, something is missing. Sex. It's been months since Cliff has touched me. And I don't know how much longer I can wait-especially since I've met someone else. For the first time, I feel doubt. Temptation.
Oliver Mellors is nothing like Cliff. He's purely physical and intensely focused on my body. But then, he has to be: he's my CrossFit trainer. I know I can't confuse sex with love. I know I shouldn't risk love for sex. But now, caught between two men, I wonder: Is there a way to have both?
Part I: Hungry
Connie Chatterley isn't exactly thrilled about the move to Palo Alto. What will she do in the land of tech billionaires and IPOs? But when her boyfriend Cliff says he needs to do it for his company, she agrees. Isn't compromise a part of every good relationship? Once in California, Cliff spends all his time with his demanding assistant Ivy Bolton and shark-like investment banker Tommy Dukes, leaving Connie with nothing better to do than go to the gym. But when she starts training with rugged CrossFit coach Oliver Mellors, Connie feels a dangerous attraction to the sexy stranger. And after one shocking moment of weakness, the move isn't the only thing Connie starts to question.

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Overall stars: 4 Stars.

Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Pocket Star and Edelweiss.

SUMMARY. Connie Chatterly has been the happiest girl in the world. Being with a man she loves, him finally starting a company that they have been dreaming about and her graduating - nothing can be more perfect. But everything changes when Cliff has to relocate for the company in order to make it more successful. Connie cannot seem to get Cliff to get his eyes away from his phone and Ivy, his tech-but-hot-assistant, is always around. All she can do now is go to the gym and that's where she meets Mr. HTFU (Harder The F*ck Up) - the dreamy and totally hot CrossFit trainer that makes her heart stop. Fantasizing about him in the shower and how hot his flesh might be is killing her and she wants to do something about it and feel wanted. 

THOUGHTS. Totally loved it. Not a lot to say since part 1 was pretty short but I enjoyed author's writing and the last sex scene was pretty hot. Looking forward on reading next few parts to find out what happens later with the sexy guy.

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